cook as cook can

Where don't you want to go today?

-> Ingredients

-> Mise-en-place

-> Starters

-> Cold dishes

-> Main dishes

-> Dessert

-> Collages

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Lebensmittel - aliments - foodstuff

Have a look at what we are going to use for cooking, feel it, smell it, taste it and, of course, take pictures.


Last look at the prepared food before 'it goes loose'. After all the washing, peeling, cutting, hacking, cracking, you name it, the real cooking can begin, the pleasant part of the story.

Vorspeisen - starters



Vorspeisen - des entrées - appetisers

Some of them could also be listet as cold stuff, of course.

Kalte Gerichte - des plats froids - cold dishes


Hauptspeisen - plats de résistance - main dishes

Hier gibt es ein paar Rezepte

Nachtisch - dessert - pudding


Collagen. Show many things in one picture in order
to give more details


Food ab 2014

Verschiedene Bilder von eigenen Gerichten. Ich weiss noch nicht wie ich sie 'kategorisieren' soll.

Fast Slowfood am Mittag - schnelle Mittagessen

Schnelles Slowfood - gut kochen kann schnell gehen